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Webinar "Let's talk life - Understanding Suicide and Promoting Mental Wellness" on Thursday 29 February with Mukasa Moses Bwesige

The first hour of presentation will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel the day after.

For this important topic, CoCreate Humanity (CCH) will have the pleasure to welcome Mukasa Moses Bwesige. CCH met Mukasa while participating to the fundraising that was put in place for his internship at UNHCR in Geneva in October 2021.

Mukasa has incredible skills and he has done voluntary work for CoCreate Humanity for more than one year. He is open to engagements on similar subjects on MHPSS, suicide, prevention and related topics in Europe.


In a world where mental health matters, this webinar aims to spark conversations around suicide awareness and foster a supportive community. In this powerful and transformative session, we delve into the complexities of suicide, providing valuable insights, narratives, and actionable strategies for mental well-being. Together, let's break the silence, challenge stigma, and foster a community where everyone's mental health is a priority. Don't miss this opportunity to gain knowledge and contribute to building a supportive network. Mark your calendar and be part of a conversation that can make a real difference.

Your mental wellness journey starts here!

In this engaging webinar, we aim to foster a supportive environment for open discussions surrounding suicide and mental wellness. The session will be divided into two main parts, ensuring a comprehensive and interactive approach.

Part 1 - Understanding Suicide

  • Introduction and welcome

  • Presentation on Suicide, every day ever changing terminologies, unique drivers including known and unknown Facts and explanatory models.

  • What can we do?

  • Q&A Session for Participants to Share Their Thoughts

Part 2 - Promoting Mental Wellness

  • Introduction to Mental Wellness and Resilience

  • Expert Speaker Presentation on Coping Mechanisms

  • Practical Tips for Everyday Mental Well-being

  • Closing Remarks and Information on Available Resources

By combining informative presentations, personal narratives, and interactive discussions, we aim to create an inclusive space for learning, sharing, and promoting mental wellness.


You can register to the free online webinar by writing to

The first hour of presentation will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel. The second part of the session will be dedicated to interaction and Q&A between Mukasa and the audience, and it will not be recorded.



Mukasa is the Inter-Regional MHPSS Expert for East and Southern Africa Regions at Jesuit Refugee services, Board Chair at the Institute for Community Based Sociotherapy (ICBS) and a Doctoral or PhD researcher at Ghent University Belgium and at Makerere University School of Psychology Uganda with a bias around Suicide in humanitarian settings.

Suicide is a topic he has investigated at all levels of his education and practiced for the last 10 years of his work within the MHPSS domain in humanitarian and development settings.

Having undergone extended professional trainings in Mental Health and Psychosocial support in humanitarian settings and use of community based approaches, Mukasa has been actively engaged in suicide advocacy and decriminalization initiatives, research, coordination, and implementation of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support programs in both humanitarian and development settings across East, Central, and Southern Africa. His commitment extends to contributing to similar projects in European nations, including Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Mukasa's research journey in the field of suicide commenced with a pivotal experience - his work with populations affected by forced displacement revealed a significant rise in suicide and deliberate self-harm cases among refugees in East Africa, notably Uganda. Driven by a keen interest in suicide prevention within this vulnerable population, he pursued a Master of Public Health-Health Promotion. His research study, titled "Predictors of Suicidal Ideations Among Refugees in Palorinya Refugee settlement of Northern Uganda" reflects his dedication to understanding and addressing this critical issue.

Mukasa has collaborated with key organizations in Global Mental Health and Psychosocial support such as United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Headquarters in Geneva among others whose collaboration resulted in impactful research on suicides in humanitarian settings, leading to the development of suicide guidance notes and a suicide mitigation toolkit for UNHCR ooperations "Planning for Prevention and Risk Mitigation Of Suicide In Refugee Settings" that was published in 2022.

LinkedIn | X (Twitter): @MBwesige

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