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Video available | Webinar with Steve Dennis - Recovery coaching and case project management

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The first hour of the presentation is available at the end of this article and on our YouTube channel.

The association CoCreate Humanity is delighted to welcome Steve Dennis, a recovery coach, supporting humanitarians before, during and after critical incidents.


The needs of injured and traumatized aid workers are unique. Lost in unfamiliar processes, distracted by injury, mired by guilt when comparing their injuries to beneficiaries', concerns of impacts to future work, and other reasons, injured and traumatized humanitarian workers are often disoriented in understanding their problems, and plotting a path forward.

The following support profiles are appropriate to guide recovery:

  • Recovery Coaching: “Where to today captain?” - assisting someone articulate the direction what is needed,

  • Mentoring: "Caution, bumps ahead” - taking lessons further up the road,

  • Project management: “Let’s see what we can do?” - once needs are identified, taking steps to get there and re-evaluate as time goes on.

At some point, auxiliary professions are necessary to include on the recovery team such as: psychotherapy, medical treatment, legal advice, insurance procedure navigation, financial assistance and other.

In this webinar, Steve will present elements of the work he does, as a recovery coach, mentor and project manager supporting injured and traumatized aid workers. Whether it is navigating harassment policies in an NGO, or finding specialized medical opinions for complex injuries, Steve has worked with dozens of aid workers, assisting them on the path of their recovery. Additionally, Steve advocates and works with organizations to implement better practices in supporting their staff.


You can register to the free online webinar by writing to

The first hour of presentation will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel the day after.

After a 10-min break, the second part will be dedicated to interaction and questions between Steve and the audience. This second part will not be recorded.


Steve Dennis has been a field-based humanitarian aid worker since 2002 for various NGOs and UN agencies, in aid programme management in complex settings. He founded Steve Dennis Consulting, specialized in conflict resolution, mediation and survivor advocacy.

While working in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya in 2012, armed men attacked a convoy that Steve was travelling in. Five staff members, including himself, were shot in the attack, one fatall. He was kidnapped with three colleagues and taken into Somalia. Days later, they were rescued in another violent gunfight.

In 2015, Steve won a court ruling of gross negligence against his former organization, revealing a heightened level of disregard for staff safety throughout its hierarchy.

Steve has since worked with individuals as a Recovery Coach and Survivor Advocate and organizations consulting on increased duty of care, structuring quicker and better recovery, and stronger accountability. He also advocates on breaking stigmas on mental health, for a survivor centric support approach.

And do not hesitate to support his crowfunding initiative:


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