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Video available - What's at stake for the accompanying expatriate spouse? Webinar with Nancy Bonamy

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

For your information, the first hour of the presentation will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel the day after.

The association CoCreate Humanity is delighted to welcome back the wonderful Nancy Bonamy for her third webinar.


The accompanying spouse is the person who follows the expatriate's professional project. In 90% of cases, these are women, 83% of whom have had to leave their jobs to follow their spouses, and only 40% of whom work while on expatriation... Sometimes by choice, but not always!

If you're an expatriate spouse, chances are:

- You've had to quit your job, while finding work in your host country is difficult, if not impossible.

- You've lost your financial independence, and not only that!

- You've been labeled a "wife of...", a "trailing spouse" or a "dependent". Your role is misunderstood and not valued at all.

- You're the only one who doesn't fit into any structured framework; you have to do everything yourself.

- You are rarely integrated into the organization's support policy.

- You're surrounded by uncertainty, with no direct influence on future decisions.

Along the way, you feel you've lost part of your identity and scratched a good deal of your self-confidence! Today, you're faced with questions such as:

- Who am I outside my role as spouse and parent?

- How can I find my place and balance in this particular role?

- How can I reinvent myself and bounce back with each new expatriation?

- How can I get back on track professionally with this hole in my CV?

- How can I boost my self-confidence?

- How can I prepare for a professional return to my country of origin?

- What do I want, what can I do, what am I worth?

- How do I go about it? Where do I start?

Whether you're an accompanying spouse or part of her entourage (relatives, HR, employers), join us in this webinar where Nancy Bonamy will help you better understand the issues facing accompanying spouses, what's at stake behind the scenes, and the steps involved in finding the right balance with this special status.

Nancy will illustrate this webinar with concrete examples, drawn from her own experience as an accompanying spouse for almost 10 years, and from those of the spouses she accompanies as a coach in professional and personal transitions.


You can register to the free online webinar by writing to

The first hour of presentation will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel the day after. After a 10-min break, the second part will be dedicated to interaction and Q&A between Nancy and the audience, and it will not be recorded.


Nancy Bonamy is a certified life and career transitions coach who supports spouses who wish to create a fulfilling expatriation project or relaunch their careers.

Multi-expatriate for 28 years, Nancy worked abroad as a teacher, musician manager and humanitarian delegate for almost 15 years, before taking on the status of expatriate spouse, with or without a job, as her husband took on various professional assignments.

In 2015, she obtained her certification in professional and personal coaching from New York University (NYU). At the same time, she certified in positive psychology, resilience and emotional & social intelligence, while specializing in issues related to life and career transitions for expatriate spouses and humanitarians.

Nancy is convinced that in every transition, whether desired or imposed, there are opportunities to be seized, and a chance to reinvent yourself a little, a lot, even passionately! Facilitating these changes in a positive and lasting way in the lives of the expatriates she accompanies is what she loves most about her work today.

Mother of two teenagers, Nancy currently lives in Yaoundé, Cameroon, from where she accompanies her clients, in French or English, wherever they may be in the world.

You can contact Nancy at :, find her on her website: or send her an invitation on LinkedIn:



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