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Last webinar of the year | Safety and Security with Franziska Heizmann | 9 December at 6pm (CET)

Webinar in English - The first presentation will be recorded.

For the last webinar of the year (already!), CoCreate Humanity will have the pleasure to welcome Franziska Heizmann on the important topic of Safety & Security.

Feeling safe and being safe lies very closely together.

How can you feel safe, how can you be safe?

For all of us Safety is one of the basic needs according Maslow’s pyramid.

During the webinar we will discuss what you can do to feel safer and be safer.

This will be an interactive session with a short input and discussions about your questions and thoughts.

Topics like preparing your trip, situational awareness, communication, measures to reduce risks and plans in case the worst happens should be part of our daily life as humanitarian – development - or civil peace worker. How to find out what is needed and how to apply it, that will be part of the webinar.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 9 December from 6pm to 8pm (CET).

To register, please write to and do not hesitate to share this online event with your coworkers and other humanitarians.

Please note that the first hour of presentation will be recorded and shared later on our website, but not the second part, which is more an interactive part with the participants.


Franziska Heizmann

Franziska is a security professional with a wide international experience from various organisations.

She has a solid legal (master’s in law), commercial, military and humanitarian/development background and highly developed interpersonal skills. She has also a training in Somatic experiencing, psychological first aid and Trauma Risk Management (TRiM).

Franziska has extensive and varied experience in safety and security, training, crisis management and leadership enabling a holistic view on security. Franziska is an enthusiastic teacher and coach who focuses on motivating people to achieve their objectives.

Safety and Security Missions to Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mali, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Lebanon, Haiti, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Cameroon, Philippines (Mindanao), Western Balkans etc.

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