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Humani-Topic | Saboteur vs. Sage with Sabrina Prioli | Thursday 27 January | Video now available

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Video of the webinar available below.

Dear Humanitarian Community,

Here is our first webinar of the year and we send you all our Best Wishes for 2022!

We will have to the pleasure to welcome Sabrina Prioli as expert-speaker.

Sabrina will explain how it is possible to reduce the negative impact of internal saboteurs and live in resonance, responding to life challenges with a positive mentality.

For our saboteurs, self-realization is getting results.

For our inner sage, self-realization is becoming our true SELF every day!

During the webinar, Sabrina will talk about the various internal saboteurs, their negative impact, and how, through the "powers" of our inner leader, we can live a more "resonant", creative, empathic, curious and engaging life.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 27 January from 6pm-8pm (CET - Geneva time).

You can register at to get the Zoom link.

For your information, the first presentation part of the visioconference will be recorded, but not the second part which is more interactive with the audience.

Please do not hesitate to share this online event with your coworkers and other humanitarians.


Sabrina Prioli is currently a Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Mental Fitness Coach (PQ). She worked for years as an aid worker and a consultant for important humanitarian projects. During a mission, she was the victim of a brutal assault. She experienced the effects of PTSD and through EMDR therapy and Coaching she was able to heal. That's why she decided to become a Coach: to accompany NGOs and Aid workers in maximizing the impact they make in the world, avoiding Burnout and building Purpose-Driven Leadership.

In 2020 she published a book “Il viaggio della fenice”, English version “Rise up phoenix”.

Sabrina helped develop the PM&E plans for different self and partner implementing projects. She has worked as a researcher and PM&E consultant for Universities, NGOs and Governments in Latin America, Africa and Europe. She has experience and knowledge in the thematic areas of protection, education, economic empowerment and gender equality which allow her to develop the appropriate indicators and PM&E tools. She enjoyed training field staff on the use of PM&E tools to capture the evidence needed to substantiate social change and demonstrate greater transparency and accountability.

Sabrina has an undergraduate degree in Sociology, Masters in Project Management for International Organizations, Certification in Monitoring & Evaluation & Facilitation, Multidisciplinary Certificate Course in Educational Development and Certification.

Discover her book here.


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