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Video available | Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring in the Humanitarian Sector - Kate Roberts

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

All the webinars are available on CCH YouTube channel

On Wednesday 1st of March, CoCreate Humanity will have the pleasure to welcome Kate Roberts for the third time. After two webinars on the topic of burnout, Kate will present another sensitive topic of the humanitarian sector.


This webinar will explore Compassion Fatigue in the humanitarian sector and discuss strategies for building resilience while performing a high-stress work. Compassion is key to the delivery of humanitarian support, but it can also incur a cost – “the cost of caring.” Compassion Fatigue can develop over time in those who are helping those experiencing trauma and suffering on a regular basis. As we face more stressful and complex situations in our work environments, we are at a higher risk of developing poor mental health and Compassion Fatigue. Learn how to have a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and career without sacrificing your empathy for others. Please join us as to learn more about:

  • Defining Compassion Fatigue

  • Understanding the impact of Compassion Fatigue

  • Improving self-awareness of signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue

  • Developing strategies to ease Compassion Fatigue and promote resiliency


The webinar took place on Wednesday 1 March from 6-8pm (CET).

For your information, please note that the first hour of the presentation was recorded and the second part, was an interactive part with the attendees.

Do not hesitate to share with your network.


Kate Roberts is a Staff-Care & Wellbeing Specialist and Certified Master Coach supporting organizations and individuals working in the humanitarian/development sector. After almost 20 years of serving in humanitarian responses to conflicts and disasters around the globe, Kate created a consulting firm dedicated to helping aid workers in complex and high-stress environments to address the drivers of burnout, compassion fatigue and work-related trauma. Her background is in Humanitarian Management, Global Mental Health, and Counseling Psychology. She is passionate about strengthening workplace environments where people feel supported to achieve their most fulfilling lifestyles and feel empowered to lead transformative change in the world around them.


Contact: | T. +41 77 403 6649


Kate Roberts' webinars on the topic of burnout

- On 5 November 2020 - Burnout in the Humanitarian Sector

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