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Video available | Strengthen your own resources in challenging times with Elsbeth Horbaty | 6 April

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

First hour of presentation and shared presentation are available below.

For this online workshop in English, CoCreate Humanity will have the pleasure to welcome Elsbeth Horbaty.


Participants can learn skills to deal with the demands of their extraordinary life situation in a constructive and solution-oriented way.

The first part will be dedicated to learn more about our reactions to challenging situations and to discover their own resources to deal with it.

In the second part participants will learn biological/body-oriented exercises from the Somatic Experiencing ® method, and how they might help to feel a little more secure. They develop coping strategies and work together on resources and competences for the future. Both parts will have a break-out room of total 15 minutes.


The online workshop will take place on Thursday 6 April from 6-8pm (CET).

Free registration:

The first hour of the presentation will be recorded. There will be a 10-minute break before the second part: exercises and Q&A.

The video of the recording will be available in the same post here the day after.

Do not hesitate to spread the word about this workshop to other humanitarian colleagues or interested people.


Elsbeth Horbaty is a Swiss citizen who has lived 50% of my life in many other countries.

After having been trained in business administration in a Swiss Trading company she travelled to the US and Latin America to get to know the origin of trade and the political and historical background of inequality.

Elsbeth worked 20 years in Journalism – first for Nicaraguan Newspaper and later for BBC World Radio in Nicaragua, Argentina, Mexico and Ireland.

She spent 20 years in the International Cooperation as a coordinator for Swiss Aid workers in Central America and for Austrian NGOs. Back in Switzerland, she worked for different NGOs as a team leader and 2 years in Pakistan as an advisor.

Since mid-90s she got interested to find out, what makes people more resilient to overcome challenging times and studied psychology. Finding out more about how to heal from wounds of the part, she became a Somatic Experience Practitioner, a method that helps to heal wounds of the past. For 4 years she uses it in prevention and humanitarian actions – online and in real presence – to prepare aid workers and to support marginalized groups in Central America, Asia and recently in Ukraine.

Studies: Business administration, 3 years psychology, organizational development and coaching.

Contact: Elsbeth Horbaty, Winterthur - Switzerland

Languages: German, English and Spanish



Phone +41 79 561 8775



Présentation Elsbeth Horbaty
Download PDF • 699KB

Her motto: "Each person is their own best expert".

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