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Video available | Dr. François Le Doze | Relational intelligence and how to heal the wounds of past

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The recording is available on our YouTube channel

For this webinar in English, CoCreate Humanity had the pleasure to introduce you to Dr. François Le Doze.


The brain is capable of remodeling thanks to neuroplasticity.

The understanding of the neurobiology of dissociation is key to set clinical tools for the treatment of trauma.

Trauma is the result of the adaptation of the brain to situations where the individual is exposed to chronic danger without efficient outcome.

Defining relational safety and implementing ways to address it in relation to the theory of attachment, has become essential to approach and treat the roots of trauma.

The first hour of presentation was recorded but not the second part which was a spaceof discussion with the audience.

Please do not hesitate to spread the word with your colleagues and other humanitarians.


Francois Le Doze has been a neurologist for almost 30 year in a teaching hospital in France.

He also practised in behavioural medicine using the IFS model of psychotherapy. He has developped his own model named Relational Intelligence (RI) based on IFS, integrating a neuroscientific dimension through the polyvagal theory and the neurobiology of dissociation.

The Relational Intelligence model of psychotherapy aims at healing the brain in trauma is encrypted.


TEDx 2012

"A physician and a neurologist by training, Francios is also a responsible psychotherapist at the Caen University Hospital for psychosomatic medicine. He presents in this talk a novel psychotherapeutic approach for situations where we believe that we have problems and we can take further steps for solving them".

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