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Video available | Webinar with Tanya Hubbard on Non-Violent Communication

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Video and presentation available below

For the second webinar of the year, we had the pleasure to welcome Tanya Hubbard on the interesting topic of Non-Violent Communication.

In this webinar Tanya explored:

  1. What are the common behaviours and attitudes in the humanitarian and development sectors that block communication, collaboration and joyful work ?

  2. How can non-violent communication enable us to find more ease in our relationships, especially in stressful situations ?

  3. How can I integrate simple practices based in non-violent communication into my work day to support the psycho-social wellbeing of myself and my team ?

The webinar took place on Wednesday 16 February from 6-8pm (CET - Geneva time).

The first hour of presentation was recorded, but not the second part which was more interactive with the audience.

For your information, Tanya is also providing online NVC training and you can find more information on her website for training and conflict transformation here: Practical Peace.

The course is called Interpersonal ease and the dates are: May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th and May 24th, 10h30-12h30 (CET) | 9.30am-11.30am (UK Time) | 3pm-5pm (Myanmar Time).


Tanya Hubbard is a facilitator and trainer with more than 15 years of experience of facilitating dialogue and learning spaces to support people to transform conflicts, (re)build positive relationships and identify their own solutions for overcoming challenges. She has worked in China, Lebanon, Thailand, Uganda, inner city London, DRC and, from 2013 until now, in Myanmar.

Her approach to creating processes in which relationships can be strengthened and transformed is to blend participatory, art-based methods (including forum theatre, physical theatre, drawing, painting and storytelling), with the depth and empathy created by non-violent communication. Using these tools, she works as a consultant within the humanitarian and development sectors, designing and delivering processes to support staff to re-connect with themselves and each other, and to develop the capacity to use these skills in their work to serve community members.

Tanya is also a yoga teacher and permaculture gardener, and runs a retreat centre for humanitarian and development workers in southern France.

Roots retreat in Blaziert, France.



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