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Humani-Topic: Self-Help for Helpers

“How can I resist, endure, keep being performant in the middle of the chaos?”
“How much can I swallow before it is too late?”
“Which are the signs? And do I see them? Or not at all? Or do I ignore them, and why?”

On 17 June 2020 (at 18.00 CEDT - Geneva time) we will organise the first Humani-Topic event. The event will be an online gathering, a bit of a cross between a webinar and a workshop, and be dedicated to the theme of Self-Help for Helpers. We will have a special guest and speaker, Martine Bourquin, an experienced humanitarian, nurse and psychological emergency supporter. Please see below for more on Martine's profile.

  • What does every human being need ?

  • Which are the indispensable components of a successful management of our own “little” lives while in the field ?

During this short review we will approach the common reactions we have in the field, when persons are suffering much more than we do. We will try to find out what we gain and /or what we loose when we do not take care of ourselves. What are the consequences on us, our beloved, our jobs, our future, our teams, the persons we are supposed to care for?

Martine Bourquin is a nurse and has been a freelance trainer for the last 22 years.

She is certified as an expert and supervisor in Emergency Psychological Support by the Swiss government ( She has developed numerous activities related to prevention, stress management and psychological support. Her main trainings are dedicated to professionals at risk (humanitarians, expatriates, police forces, firemen, ambulance personnel, nurses and social workers). She prepares caregivers and peers to help their own colleagues after critical incidents.

Her eight years in the field for MSF and ICRC include: Afghanistan, Thai-Kampuchean Border, The Philippines, Mozambique, Israel /TO, Peru as well as 5 years as Health Adviser at the ICRC Geneva Headquarters. At the HQ, Her job consisted in preparing new delegates for the field, health and stress wise, and briefing and debriefing all the personnel, before and after mission.


To participate in this webinar, please email to, and request the link. The event is held in English and open to everyone, but the number of participants is limited, so please register early.

Please download the flyer for this event, print and share it with your co-workers and other humanitarians.

Download PDF • 936KB

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