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Video now available | Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) with Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The first hour of presentation was recorded.

The association CoCreate Humanity (CCH) is delighted to welcome Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström for this online workshop.


This workshop will present the initiative of the Peaceful Heart Network, a non-profit association offering practical First Aid tools to resolve psychological trauma that anybody can learn and spread. It is involved in humanitarian projects in Rwanda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Nepal, Colombia and other parts of the world. The expert-speakers, creators and members of the Peaceful Heart Network, will present the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) that they offered to many humanitarian workers who have experienced trauma, burnout and/or high levels of stress during their field interventions. The objective is to give access to resources and techniques to the humanitarian community.

During the session, Gunilla and Ulf will:

  • share different techniques that can resolve stress, and often cure, symptoms of trauma as well as build resilience,

  • share their experiences of how to integrate these techniques in one's daily life, and how to offer it to others, individually or in groups,

  • offer interaction in groups (break out rooms) to discuss how each of the participants could use the techniques and approach in their activities.


You can register to the free online workshop by writing to

The first hour of presentation will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel the day after. After a 10-min break, the second part will be dedicated to interaction and Q&A between the expert-speakers and the audience - and it will not be recorded.


Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström are from Sweden. They founded the Peaceful Heart Network in 2010, guided by the conviction that social and political stability depends on resolving trauma within as many people as possible in an affected community.

They developed the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT), a simplified First Aid approach consisting of a tapping modality applied content free with a minimum of spoken intervention. TTT is derived from other tapping modalities such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), simple enough for a child to master and easily spread peer to peer.

Peaceful Heart Network has spread TTT through humanitarian work in places like Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan and other parts of Africa, refugee camps in Europe, prisons in the US, UK and Rwanda and in addiction recovery programs. It is estimated that TTT has reached more than 300,000 people in 30 countries.

Gunilla and Ulf's work received the ACEP Humanitarian Award in 2017 and they published a book about their adventure creating and offering TTT.

You can contact Gunilla and Ulf at: and

And find them on their website:


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