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Video available | From Breakdown to Breakthrough: a Roadmap to Trauma Care with Fiona Dunkley

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The first hour of presentation is recorded.

Many of us in the humanitarian community experience breakdowns.

Breakdowns are interruptions caused by traumatic experiences as well as burnouts.

Passing through such an interruption is a challenging process, and some take a much longer time than others to put their lives back together.

However, “where there is a poison, a cure is not far away”. While we attempt to fix our lives, most are longing to get back to how it was before.

Yet, a breakdown is also an opportunity. It can be a break-up with the past, and make space for something new to grow.

In this webinar, Fiona Dunkley, will explore the concept of Post Traumatic Growth and will look at the following points:

  • Some personal stories, and how challenging experiences can help us support others

  • How creativity helps us heal – creating the narrative

  • Some lessons learnt from Covid-19, and taking learning into action

  • A Trauma Management Programme and preventing re-traumatisation

The webinar will take place on Thursday 27 from 6 to 8pm (CET - Geneva time). You can register at the following address to get the Zoom link:


Fiona Dunkley is a member of BACP (Senior Accred.), EMDR, ESTSS, UKRCP.

Fiona is a senior accredited BACP psychotherapist, trauma specialist, trainer, supervisor and mediator. She has presented on television and radio as a trauma expert, has published several articles and has been asked to speak at various international conferences. Fiona is a published author, ‘Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers: A Roadmap of Trauma and Critical Incident Care’, published by Routledge (Dunkley, 2018).

Fiona Dunkley is passionate about caring for the carers of our world and therefore founded a trauma specialist and well-being service which is FD Consultants, a global psychological health consultancy. The team of accredited specialists offers ongoing support to help manage stress, prevent burnout and provide specialist trauma care where required, enabling staff with the tools to cope, and recover more quickly. FD Consultants services enable staff to remain as resilient and productive as possible when working in high stress environments. The majority of client organisations are from the humanitarian sector.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now" - Chinese proverb.



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