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Video now available | Webinar on transgenerational trauma | When the past is haunting us - Part II

Recording of the 28th of October webinar, presentation and publications references below

Dear CCH Friends, dear Humanitarian Community,

We would like to thank you for your attendance to our last Humani-Topic on Thursday 28 October from 5-7pm (CET) on the topic of transgenerational trauma with our expert speakers Dr. Cordula Reimann and Katharina Bosse.

During the webinar, the following points were discussed:

  1. Definition and explanation of transgenerational trauma: short wrap-up of part I

  2. Symptoms of transgeneratinal trauma: from the silent fear

  3. Dealing with transgenerational trauma: from coping to healing

The video of the webinar is now available as well as the presentation shared, and you will also find some publications references on transgenerational trauma.

Presentation document and publications references:

Transgenerational trauma part II
Download PDF • 5.01MB

Literature on TT
Download PDF • 134KB

Thanks a lot for watching and reading us, and please, do not hesitate to share these information with your coworkers and other humanitarians.

CoCreate Humanity would like to thank warmly Cordula and Katharina for their great work and all their researches. We look forward to co-creating with you again!

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