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Video available I Webinar Psychological Functioning, Stress & Hostile Environment I Mark Bradley

Dear CCH Friends, dear Humanitarian Community,

We would like to thank you for your attendance to our last Humani-Topic on Thursday 25 March from 6 to 8pm (CET). Thanks all for your attention and for your active participation in the second half of the session.

The video of the webinar is now available as well as the presentation shared by our expert speaker Mark Bradley.

"It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it" - Hans Selye (1907-1982).

This webinar gives a better understanding of what the term ''stress'' and concept of “hostile environments” mean. We discussed the nature of stress as a continuum, something that is with us throughout our lives and how 'hostile' environments can cause the stress to spike. It aims to give us some simple tools and understanding how we can approach our workplaces, both in the field and at HQs, and in our home lives, more effectively. We looked at what kind of dynamics are in play when our environments become too difficult, too hard to handle, or too hostile and how to proactively manage this.

If you are interested in follow-up exchanges, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Bradley at the following address

A huge THANK YOU to Mark for his time, his precious expertise and the great work, and thanks a lot for "cocreating" with CoCreate Humanity for the well-being of the humanitarian community.

Please do not hesitate to share these information with your coworkers and other humanitarians.

We still have a lot to do all together. Together, we are stronger 💜.


Webinar Mark Bradley
Download PDF • 549KB

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