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Thoughts to the New Year

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Dear friends and supporters,

2020 has started, and for CoCreate Humanity it is going to be a big year. We will not just go through significant changes and developments on a personal level, but also our little community will develop and grow into something much bigger. We will attract many more people to our cause, we will start providing services, and we will step onto the global stage as a stakeholder that will be taken seriously.

Yet, it will not just be about WHAT we are going to do – a big part is about HOW we will be doing it. Because it is in the “how” where we find a lot of the roots for trauma, burnout and stress. It is also in the “how” we can best manifest our values.

The ‘how’ will find its expression most clearly in our organisational culture, a challenge for many of the organisations that are active in the humanitarian sector. As our own current experiences have shown us already, one important thing is to find that rainbow quality that includes both professionalism and humanity. We want to be ‘human’ with all the positive qualities this entails, yet it needs to be paired with a professional approach, that is dependable, informed and organised.

2019 has been a great start, from nothing to something quite significant. We have been successfully starting to implement a vision, and I’m told again and again, that is one that is resonating with a lot of people working in the humanitarian sector.

The vision is one of a diverse and inclusive community of humanitarian peers. A community where we do not just accept a diversity of skills and backgrounds, but also a diversity of limitations, fears and burdens that we all individually bear.

Cocreating means bringing this diversity into play and to be inclusive about it. This requires that we do not judge people for who they are or how they express themselves, and that we help each other to belong to our community.

Of course, that can also trigger our pain and fears which we encounter in our own lives. Feelings and fears of restriction, abandonment, overwork, insecurity and more. To me, that only means that we are all always also on our own personal paths of healing and of manifesting our greater potential. I also believe in a greater, transpersonal sense of Self, one that connects us all. It is about giving that greater sense a chance.

CoCreate Humanity is bigger than the sum of all of us. We are looking forward to many more people joining us to help manifest the potential of what we have started. Hopefully this can happen in an organic way, where we take on what we can chew, and at the same time stay strongly rooted in our values and do not lose the view of our common foundations. I’m looking forward to hearing from and meeting many more humanitarians in 2020, to hear your stories, and to welcome you into a community of peers to help each other to become and stay more healthy, inspired and effective humanitarian workers.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I’m looking forward to continue cocreating CCH, together with you all!


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