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Thank you Julie Sévilla-Fraysse

CoCreate Humanity would like to thank the talented cellist Julie Sévilla-Fraysse for her precious support and her solidarity to start 2021!

Julie Sévilla-Fraysse is CoCreate Humanity's Ambassador and she contributes to spread the initiative of the association throughout the world with her music.

Today, she posted a short video on LinkedIn where she plays the beautiful oboe theme of Gabriel, from the movie "Mission", to request the audience to make a donation to support CCH.

We discovered Julie during the first lockdown via her LinkedIn videos.

The sincerity and the sensitivity of her music resonated in us, so we decided to send her a message in July 2020 to introduce her to our cause and our vision. When we proposed her to organize a charity concert to support the humanitarian community, she accepted straight away!

Julie Sévilla-Fraysse and Kévin Roby have played on the 27th of November for the first online Humani-Concert. The concert was dedicated to the humanitarian workers, those of yesterday, today and tomorrow and to those who lost their lives while helping others.

We will continue to cocreate all together all along 2021. This is just the beginning... Next step in March for our concert in Rolle, Switzerland at the Rosey Concert Hall.


Watch the video here.

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