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Humani-Zoom I Sabrina Prioli I Sociologist, Professional Life Coach and Survivor I Juba attack 2016

CoCreate Humanity had the privilege of meeting Sabrina Prioli, an Italian humanitarian aid worker and the author of "Rise Up, Phoenix: Ask yourself what it's like to be raped during a war."

Sabrina Prioli was the victim of a violent attack in South Sudan. While stationed in Juba in July 2016, Sabrina was raped by five government soldiers who entered the compound where she lived and worked. Sabrina was brutally beaten, and the soldiers tried to suffocate her with DDT. Luckily, she was saved and went on to courageously denounce what she suffered. This led to a civil trial in South Sudan where she bravely testified before the court martial for this case of sexual violence.

Thanks to her testimony, the perpetrators were convicted.

However, the South Sudanese military court only awarded her $US 4,000 "flat-rate" compensation, an absolutely inadequate sum for the egregious and shocking aggression she endured. Furthermore, the judgment could not be appealed, as the South Sudan Court claims that the trial files have been lost and there have been no indications of locating them.

Since 2019, Sabrina has been trying to directly negotiate for her reparations with Government of South Sudan and despite having signed two letters of agreement, they have yet to respect the settlement.

Sabrina Prioli has not been adequately protected or supported throughout her pursuit of justice. She has never received any medical or legal support from her own government. No one from the government has met with her, listened to her, or informed her of any actions carried out by the government in recent years. The only measures taken were in November 2020, where through Sabrina’s perseverance, the Italian deputy minister of foreign affairs wrote two letters to the ministry of justice in South Sudan. Unfortunately, there have been no direct consequences and no follow up actions have been taken, leaving Sabrina alone in her fight for justice.

The process of seeking justice and reparations that Sabrina, alone, has been undertaking since 2019 risks being in vain while the government of South Sudan has failed to respond to her requests for reparations and has not acknowledged the agreements they signed with her.

CoCreate Humanity stands in solidarity with Sabrina and invite you to sign the petition (scroll down for the English version).

“After the compensation was awarded, I felt violated again, I felt raped again by the justice system. Now we appeal because we want a formal compensation system that takes into account the gravity of the crime.” Sabrina Prioli, Amnesty article 5 September 2019.

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