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CCH agenda 2021 I Discover our events agenda before the Summer break and be ready for September!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Dear Humanitarian Community, dear Friends,

Summer is there and CoCreate Humanity will take a little break for the next two months. Nevertheless, a great programme awaits you from September and you can already have a look at it!

- Thursday 16 September: Humani-Atelier online and in French, "Découverte et Bienfaits de l’Art thérapie pour les Travailleurs Humanitaires" with Caroline Schaffhauser (Art-Therapist)

- Thursday 23 September: webinar in French, "TSPT et Thérapie de la Reconsolidation" with Pr. Alain Brunet from McGill University Department of Psychiatry in Montreal

- Wednesday 13 October: webinar in French, with Stéphane Guétin, President of Music Care "Le Rôle Clé de la Musique pour Prendre Soin des Travailleurs Humanitaires"

- Thursday 28 October: webinar in English with Dr. Cordula Reimann and Katharina Bosse on "Transgenerational Trauma - Part II"

- Wednesday 3 November: Humani-Atelier online and in French, "Découverte et Bienfaits de l'Hypnose pour les Travailleurs Humanitaires, Avant, Pendant et Après une Mission" avec Laurence Perroud and Marta Hegyaljai Python

- Wednesday 10 November: Humani-Atelier online and in French, "Les Bienfaits de la Sophrologie" with Sophie Tissot

- Wednesday 24 November: webinar in English "The Vulnerable Humanitarian: Ending Burnout Culture in the Humanitarian Sector" with Dr. Gemma Houldey

- Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 December: Humani-Training in Geneva, Switzerland, in French with Pr. Alain Brunet (16h-training session of 30-35 people to the Reconsolidation Therapy)

- Thursday 9 December: webinar in English "Feeling Safe and Being Safe: Let's Talk about your Safety and Security Risk Management as Part as your Life Before, During and After your Mission" with Franziska Heizmann

- Tuesday 14 December: charity concert in Geneva (Théâtre du Bâtiment des Forces Motrices) to commemorate the humanitarian community, and for the 25th anniversary of the attack of the Red Cross hospital in Novye Atagi in Chechnya, with the exceptional participation the Orchestre Symphonique Genevois (thanks to Marie-Françoise de Bourgknecht and Hervé Klopfenstein), and our Ambassador Julie Sévilla-Fraysse

- Friday 17 December (and every 17 December): Remembrance Day to commemorate and remember all the aid workers who lost their lives while carrying a humanitarian mission

If you are an expert speaker and want to present your work or a specific topic, or if there is a topic you want to raise up to CCH, please do not hesitate to contact us:

We will work on the 2022 agenda with you!

FYI - we will welcome Sabrina Prioli on the topic of "Positive Intelligence and Saboteurs" on Thursday 27 January.

CoCreate Humanity does exist because of humanitarian workers, and for humanitarian workers.

Together, we are (always) stronger 💜


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