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Agenda 2022 | Discover our next events

More information about the Humani-Atelier on hypnosis will follow in another post

Dear Friends, dear Humanitarian Community,

Christmas is coming… CoCreate Humanity (CCH) wish you all a Merry Christmas and a nice break with families and friends.

You can already note some of our next events in your 2022 calendar.

➡️ Wednesday 12 January from 6-8pm CET, with Association Hypnose Humanitaire (AHH): online hypnosis workshop in English

➡️ Thursday 27 January from 6-8pm CET, with Sabrina Prioli: webinar Saboteur vs. Sage, in English

➡️ Wednesday 16 February, with Tanya Hubbard: webinar in English "Relationships inside the organization really matter: Non-Violent Communication (NVC) as a tool for transforming conflict and building strong relationships in humanitarian settings"

➡️ Thursday 24 February, with Nathalia Berkowitz: online yoga therapy workshop (more information will follow)

➡️ Thursday 3 March, with Lucie Gilles: kinesiology workshop in Geneva, in French

➡️ Saturday 19 March, with Julie Sévilla-Fraysse: Humani-Concert at the Rosey Concert Hall in Rolle, Switzerland 🎶🎻🎶

➡️ Thursday 24 March, with Corinne Boulad: online webinar in French “De l'illusion à la clairvoyance, prévenir le désenchantement du travailleur humanitaire”

➡️ Wednesday 6 April, with Sophie Tissot Sophrologue: sophrology workshop in Geneva, in French

➡️ Thursday 7 April, with Nancy Jarrossay (Haute Savoie Cake Design) and José Benavente (Pilotes Volontaires): exhibition in Geneva “L’humanitaire en quelques bouchées”

➡️ Wednesday 21 April, with Dr. Francois Le Doze: online webinar on the topic “Présentation du modèle Intelligence Relationnelle : l’approche Internal Family Systems (IFS)”, in French

➡️ To be continued…

CoCreate Humanity does exist because of humanitarian workers and for humanitarian workers.

Thanks so much for your trust and your kind support.

Together, we are stronger 💜

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