We are a community of humanitarian peers that is providing and promoting integral, psychosocial and holistic solutions for healthy, inspired and effective humanitarian workers worldwide.


CoCreate Humanity 

To ‘cocreate humanity’ means that we all work together to manifest the universal sense and values of humanity, with everyone contributing in their own unique ways, to their own potentials. What we aim to achieve as humanitarians in the world, congruently, we will also apply in the way how we act among ourselves, in a consistent set of practices that invite us to reclaim our inner wholeness and bring all of who we are to work.

Culture of Care 

A culture of care is present in an organisational context when it provides timely and effective caring response mechanisms, supporting workers  - helping them understand, cope with, heal and recover from the individual and collective impact of the violence that they and/or their colleagues are exposed to in the environments in which their organisation is active. A culture of care is also present when colleagues who lost their lives while carrying out their humanitarian mission are duly honoured and remembered, individually and over time.


The Charter expands on the purpose of CoCreate Humanity, its underlying values and approaches to address and help assure the wellbeing of humanitarian workers worldwide. The whole document (in English) is available for download here.


CoCreate Humanity (CCH) is a non-profit association set up in Geneva, Switzerland, according to Art. 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code. It is politically neutral and non-denominational.


Please find here the Annual Report, covering the time from the set up of the association on 30 Aug 2019 until 31 Dec 2020. On the left the English language version, on the right the French language version.